“You can count on a quality job.”

I have used Brian for many years now. He has always done an outstanding job appraising properties in both Nevada and Placer Counties. Brian has always had the ability to accurately evaluate properties in rural areas as well. He is one of the few that “gets it”. He understands the importance of a view, NID irrigation water, and other features like large shops and ponds. These are traditionally very difficult to appraise due to the subjectivity of the Buyer but Brian has always been fair and supportive of their value. In addition, he has appraised several unusual properties and homes for me like log homes or dome houses and he has done an exceptional job there as well. Brian has also helped several of my clients with “Date of Death” appraisals for estate and reporting purposes. I would recommend Brian for any appraisal in the Nevada and Placer County areas. You can count on a quality job.

— John Renwick,Owner, RE/MAX Performance Grass Valley

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian and a few different transactions.  The first time I met him he was actually appraising my own home he was on time, professional, thorough yet while leaving no trace behind that he had been here.  He appraisal was in my opinion spot on for the place we were in at the time of appraisal.  Later I ran into Brian on appraisal for escrows that I represented a buyer on and again he was just he was when he appraised mine.  And most recently he moved extremely quickly to get a cash buyer an appraisal for me and he was very patient in explaining things to the 1st time home buyers and offered additional information.

I appreciate working with Brian he is a true professional that knows the market in our area and give accurate and fair appraisals.

-Alisa Johnson, Johnson & Geare's Sierra lifestyle team with homesmart icare realty

Brian has a great working knowledge of the Grass Valley/Nevada City area and surrounding communities. He has been resourceful for my clients both before listing their homes for sale and determining market value for my purchase clients in a timely manner. He is very efficient and willing to answer questions from basic topics to the most complex of scenarios. Brian has consistently provided accurate information and if there is an unusual question to research he will take the time to get the right answer.  I appreciate his work ethic and professionalism when dealing with our clients in the field and the quality of his work.

-Heidi Seavers, Mortgage Loan Officer, Movement Mortgage

The importance of integrity in business can never be understated and calling Brian an appraiser with great integrity is not something I do lightly. I have worked with Brian for ten years here in Nevada County and surrounding areas. I value Brian immensely as someone who is very reliable and highly knowledgeable. His willingness to share his knowledge is demonstrated by the sheer number of questions he patiently answers at the Seminars he hosts for local Realtors, Lenders and Buyers. I have constantly been impressed by his willingness to approach the most difficult of housing situations with a level head and understanding of the influence he wields as an appraiser. Brian is always our first call ans someone I highly recommend.

-rene randall, manager, evergreen home loans penn valley

I have worked with Brian for several years in the Nevada, Yuba and Sierra County markets. Brian is not only the ultimate professional, but he has an intimate knowledge of the markets he works in and is one of the best Appraisers I have ever worked with. Brian obviously takes his job as an Appraiser seriously and understands that he plays a role and has a responsibility to ensure that the market remains as healthy as possible. He has never been afraid to take on difficult assignments and he has always met or exceeded his deadlines. Brian has also been a valuable resource and has played a role in educating Realtors, Lenders and Buyers through Lunch and Learns and Seminars that he has put on or attended. If you are looking for a good Appraiser who will do the necessary work to find and support the true value of a property, Brian Melsheimer should be at the top of anyone’s list!

-Jerome Witt, Mortgage Loan Officer, Academy Mortgage Corporation

To the real estate world: My appreciation and recognition of Brian Melsheimer has developed over a few years.  As a long time broker, I am pleased how he has delt with my clients in a very professional and timely manner.  I will continue to use Brian for appraisals and recommend him to my clients.

- john hensley, realtor emeritus, recreation reality